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There are those moments when you look up at night and are in awe with the stars. A calming feeling comes about as you look for constellations amongst that sea of stars and watch the moon as it changes its phases in that night sky. There are also exciting moments when you look up and see a shooting star or run outside to catch the occasional meteor shower. Even more exciting is to see fireworks bursting in that night sky.

Now imagine being able to gaze at a star filled sky any time of the day!

Epic Sky is the answer to Bringing the Night Sky Inside by capturing the essence of these nighttime events with our Award Winning fiber optic LED Star Panels and Lighting Control Systems. The popularity of these Star Panels has grown immensely over the years and inspired us to create more options and special effects to fulfill our many clients desires.

Our controllable fiber optic LED star panels are perfect for a broad spectrum of applications. Epic Sky manufactures its star panels for custom themed rooms for private residence, Hospitality Lighting for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars as well as Hospitals and Medical Care Facilities. Epic sky has years of experience customizing a wide spectrum of projects and pushing the envelope on creativity making each job unique and exciting.

With over 12 years of experience Epic Sky continues to integrate light into our lifestyles with unique products and a fresh approach to design that connects people with their environment.

We believe that it's not only what is seen, but also what is felt.




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